Ex Libris Pendant

Ex Libris Pendant

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Ex Libris Pendant
by Somethingstokeep

A pendant that symbolizes and celebrates the enlightenment that comes from books and the knowledge contained within them, that can be utilized for either good or bad, but all of them are governed by the celestial moon.

With three dimensional features, transparent and glitter enamel, as well as being hand tinted one by one by Varsam to achieve a unique and antique look to them.

Material: Metal and enamel
Size: 3.5 cm with 60 cm chain
Care Instruction: Please avoid harsh chemical and aggressive friction.


Somethingstokeep is the brainchild of illustrator Varsam Kurnia. As a collector of trinkets and small treasures, he aims to create keepsakes that can tell stories to the wearer in the shape of wearable things. The collection takes its inspiration from astronomy, celestial beings, folklores and especially, the human condition.