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Images by Robert Zhao Renhui
Designed by H55 in Singapore
32 Images, 104 Pages, Soft Cover
23 x 30 x 0.9 cm

"At 7pm every day, thousands of Javan Mynas descend onto trees along Orchard Road, a major shopping and tourist district in Singapore. They have been the bane of retailers and shoppers for the past few years, dirtying pavements with their droppings and emitting a ferocious noise with their collective squawking.

Great congregations of Javan Mynas are not uncommon in Singapore. A colonising species, the Indonesian bird was first introduced to Singapore as pets in the 1920s. Now they have out-competed its larger relative, the Common Myna, to became the most common bird in Singapore.

I spent a month in a tree trying to photograph these birds." - Robert Zhao

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Robert Zhao Renhui is constantly fascinated with Singaporeans’ controlled coexistence with nature, and his practice is drawn from observations and research inspired by his genuine curiosity about how man interacts with the natural world. He creates photos with a documentary approach, constructing and layering the subject with narratives that cross the boundary between the real and the fictional, creating doubt in the viewer about the image’s authenticity. Robert’s work raises questions about both our fascination with controlling nature and how our reception of a photograph can be manipulated by its presentation. Robert graduated with a Masters (with Distinction) in Photography, Graduate Scholarship Programme from the London College of Communication, London, United Kingdom in 2010 and a BA in Photography from the Camberwell College of the Arts, University of the Arts, London, United Kingdom. Some of his selected solo exhibitions include Final Report of the Christmas Island Expert Working Group, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore (2018), Christmas Island, Naturally, ShanghART M50, Shanghai, China (2017), Singapore, Very Old Tree, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore (2017), A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World, Centre of Contemporary, Photography, Melbourne, Australia (2015), and Flies Prefer Yellow, Kadist Art Foundaton, San Francisco, California, USA (2014) amongst many others. He has also participated in group exhibitions extensively both locally and internationally such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Poland, United States, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Albania. His works are in the collection of the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore, UBS Art Collection, UBS Global, Statoil Art Collection, Stavanger, Norway, Kadist Art Foundaton, San Francisco, USA UOB Art Collecton, Singapore, and Singapore Art Museum, Singapore. Robert lives and works in Singapore.