Dano - Ceramic Mug

Dano - Ceramic Mug

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Dano - Ceramic Mug
by Pori Keramik 
Material: ceramic 

Pori Keramik

PORI Keramik was established in 2012 by Bandung-based ceramic designer who has always been passionate about handmade ceramics. Clay strikes as an authentic medium that balances the use of all four natural elements (earth, water, air and fire). 

When this unity is embraced by the humble engagement of human hands, the experimental nature in ceramic-making gives rise to a man-made organic texture that breathes.

The name PORI is derived from pores in Indonesian, as an homage to this uncertain breath that also celebrates the distinctive trait in life itself, one that keeps it going; excitement in the unknown.

There is still so much to unearth.