Tiny Cosmos

Tiny Cosmos

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Tiny Cosmos
by Kar Jewellery
Materials : Porcelain, Liquid Gold 11k, Plated Brass
diameter: 2 cm
Box dimensions: 6 x 8.5 x 3 cm


KAR is Bandung based studio focusing on ceramic jewellery founded by designer-maker duo Tania Kardin and Kanya Diedra Ismi. Giving a new identity to porcelain, KAR explores it’s endless possibility as a precious and pretty uncommon material for jewellery.

Through each collection and it’s stories, you are invited to experience a new perception of material. You can feel two contrasting characters : delicacy and durability at the same time. This rare quality makes it unique objects that will provoke your thoughts on how you feel when you wear this, how you will treat it and wear it as a jewellery.