Lover's Eye Faux Leather Hand Pouch

Lover's Eye Faux Leather Hand Pouch

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Lover's Eye Faux Leather Hand Pouch
by Somethingstokeep

A faux leather pouch featuring an illustrated Lover's Eye that blinks, framed within a raised golden embroidery design. The blinking eyes here reflect the twinkling of the stars at night — a constant reminder that someone is watching over you.

Complete with an inner partition, hand holder and wrist strap, it also comes with a zip and 2 loops on both sides so you can attach bag straps to the pouch and convert it into a sling bag.

Material: Faux leather
Size: 27 x 15cm


Somethingstokeep is the brainchild of illustrator Varsam Kurnia. As a collector of trinkets and small treasures, he aims to create keepsakes that can tell stories to the wearer in the shape of wearable things. The collection takes its inspiration from astronomy, celestial beings, folklores and especially, the human condition.