Starmen Woven Lanyard (Purple)

Starmen Woven Lanyard (Purple)

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Starmen Woven Lanyard (Purple)
by Somethingstokeep

A woven lanyard depicting a group of starmen in the sky. The detailed weaving has captured all the small details, from the stars to the buttocks.

The lanyard is one sided, the other side is a reverse image in a blue colour as shown in the pictures.

Strap width: 2.5 cm, length 49 cm.


Somethingstokeep is the brainchild of illustrator Varsam Kurnia. As a collector of trinkets and small treasures, he aims to create keepsakes that can tell stories to the wearer in the shape of wearable things. The collection takes its inspiration from astronomy, celestial beings, folklores and especially, the human condition.